News about the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is nearly with us and it promises to bring more features, more magic than ever before!!

The Samsung Galaxy phones keep coming. The popular Samsung smartphones have been some of the major competitors to the Apple’s iPhone.

As was the Galaxy S3, a lot is once against being put on the S7. We enjoyed bringing you the latest about the S3 and hope you continued to enjoy the phones in this great series over the years.

The latest in the series that should be released some time next year is the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it should be an even better phone than the S6 that was recently released in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Fans are expecting a lot from the Korean company in the latest phone. The fans are expecting many new innovations which will build the foundations for future success and continued improved increases in phone sales and revenue

In the recent rumours about the Galaxy S7 it has been suggested that the Korean company would, as well as including the Edge feature of the S6, adding many other features that will get even owners of the Galaxy await the release with high anticipation. If going by previous years, the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date should be early next year, so sometime in February, March, April, May or June of 2016 (Source).

As well as better battery life, the S7 should have the Octa Core GHz Three processor, Edge functionality, 6-8 GB RAM, improved charging time with possible wireless charging, 3D 4K resolution display coming in at over five point two inches, an improvement on the camera (unsure about specifics currently), retina display.

The Galaxy phones keep getting better. While we focused primarily on the S3 model and we no longer update the website regularly, we are still very interested and proud owners of all the Galaxy mobile phones and very excited in what the Galaxy series will continue to deliver over the years. For Samsung Android smart phone fans, keep up to date with the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S7 here and on the Samsung website closer to the release date.

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Waterproof coating to be included?

Some suggestions around that the SGIII will in fact have a modern waterproof coating technology.

One of the newer materials available to cover internal components of electronic devices like mobile phones is HZO, a coating which provides a water resistant barrier.

As far as I can see, the rumours have originated from the the maker of HZO who suggested that a large Korean electronics company showed interest in their product.

Of course, this by no way means that it is the Galaxy S3 or even Samsung but some industry observers have argued that effective waterproofing of mobile phone technology is fast becoming realistic and affordable.

It remains to be seen just how realistic these rumours are.

The near certainties about the Galaxy S3 at the moment are that the release date will be this year, that Samsung has earmarked the hadnset as a major brand release for 2012 and considers the strongest drawcard in the competition with iPhone.

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S3 not coming on March 22nd

There have been many recent reports on many sites that have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be revealed on 22 March in France.

Just wanted to put a stop to this rumours as Samsung has released official word that the event will not be about any new upcoming products to be released. Also, as reported earlier the phone will not be released the the mobile phone congress at end of this month.

While it is still not absolutely certain the phone will not be released at either of these events, it makes it very unlikely.

It is hard to say when the Galaxy S3 will finally be released but we are sticking to our intial predictions listed in the other section of this website.

But don’t worry, the release day is coming and we will have it covered.

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All day battery to be included?

As we have noted in a previous post, a major concern of the current S2 model has been the dissapointing battery life. Depending on usage, a fully charged S2 battery could be drained in 6-8 hours which is an understandable nuisance.

Battery life has also been identified as a feature most users wanted improved in the Galaxy S3.

Ahead of the likely official announcement of the S3 phone in Barcelona next month, it seems that Samsung has taken it on board.
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Official announcement looms next month?

Well, as an official announcement on the release of the S3 gets closer, the rumours are quite literally hitting the fan, with many realistic (and not so realistic) specs being bandied about all over the internet.

In the last quarter, Samsung has sold six million more smartphones than Apple with the company understandably expecting even better figures from the Galaxy S3.

There are a few whispers and suggestions that the smartphone will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in February of this year.

The Mobile World Congress is happening next month from the 27th of February through to the 1st of March 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.
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The S3 Battery

A common complaint about the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been the life of the standard battery included. With moderate to heavy use, the S2 battery is not able to last a lot more than eight hours, making it frustrating for numerous users of the phone.

As far as I am aware, I think this is something that Samsung has been working hard to improve on and should be a lot better in the S3 battery. The battery life also has a lot to do with the way your phone is used. As more info becomes available about the S3 battery, we will list it here.
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Forwarding your ideas

Thank you all for sending your design suggestions about what you would like to see in the new Galaxy S phone.

Some of the features you have come up have been truly great. I will collate the ideas and try to contact Samsung with the data. And then, who knows, maybe some of them will be present in the S3!

There is not much news coming out from Samsung regarding the highly awaited Galaxy S3 phone. Continue reading

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What would you like in the new Galaxy S phone?

I just wanted to use this post as an opportunity to collect ideas from you guys about what you would like to see in the new Galaxy S3 phone. Some of the rumours on the specs have already been circulating on the web for a while already.

Let me know what you want to have in the phone not what you heard it will have.

Once we have collected a decent amount of great fan ideas, we will see if we can let Samsung know of these.

Let us start it off. Dear Samsung, I would like to see the following features in the new phone in the Galaxy S3 series: Continue reading

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16 Megapixels (MP) camera on the horizon for the S3?

Samsung may really be preparing to step up the Galaxy S3 camera with a possible 16 megapixel (MP) camera being talked about as a possibility.

But what does 16 MP really mean, I hear you ask. Well, a megapixel is one million pixels, and is a term used to denote both the number of pixels in an image and to express the number of image sensor elements on digital cameras or the number of display elements of digital displays. Continue reading

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