Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Dates

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The next Galaxy phone in the series, the Samsung Galaxy S3, is rumoured to be ready for release in 2012.

It is expected that the S3 phone will be availble in mid 2012 with a possibility of a release date earlier on in the year as well.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Dates in Asia
Saudi Arabia
Release Date for Singapore
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Dates in Europe
Czech Republic
Release Date for UK
Release Date for Ireland

Samsung Galaxy S3 release dates in North and South America

Samsung Galaxy S3 release dates
Australia release date
New Zealand

Galaxy S3 data di uscita
date de sortie
melepaskan tarikh
frisätta dag

58 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Dates

  1. vyom says:

    India is giving such a huge market to Samsung Still They are not considering it as Launching Pad and Apple is taking advantage of it. Though in India Samsung never have such legal complications.

    • dudle guy says:

      That is what customers in India should realise we should boycott every mobile that is not launched in this country. See for instance Apple phones they are costliest in India even after a year of their launch what does Apple Inc think we are fools to buy out dated technology if we had money to fool around we did go to US and get one.
      So best is avoid these companies dude rather than ask such questions which cna only be answered by the CEOs of those companies. If and only if we boycott the products we can be treated respectfully or the Govt bans out dated products being launched in the country with premium prices to protect its citizens, which in any case the government would not do for unknown reasons. sooooooo…………

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  4. gautam says:

    samsung must consider releasing s3 in india at the same time as us coz s2 has been a huge hit in india

    • rohan says:

      ha ! it will be no match for great apple iphone 5

      • grammy says:

        haha!! kiss my a**! galaxy S III will blow out iphone 5 off the hook.

        • jason foster says:

          Ill take both sides. The iPhone is and will always be a great phone but how picky and greedy apple is will always hold it back. That’s y the s3 will be my next phone

        • manan says:

          Like Galaxy S2 did with Iphone 4

          • Kris L says:

            the galaxy S2 is better than iphone 4s, so S3 will own Iphone 5, they are pish, more people buying other phones nowadays, iphones are so 2009 😛

        • wendell says:

          IPHONE 5 is still the best! but, i would pick the s3 because it has more battery life. and can share files to other phones using bluetooth.

      • erick says:

        I phones suck. All of them. The 5 will have many glitches like every other I phone when it comes out. I have had no problems with Android! Ice cream sandwich will be the envy of all!

      • iPhone Hater says:

        iPhone users need to get their head out of their a***s. iPhones are sooooo 2005. There is nothing iPhones do that hadn’t already been done.

        • felchap says:

          iPhone was released in 2007…
          And yes, the Galaxy SIII will most certainly better and more powerful than the iPhone 5.

          • Trond says:

            He didnt say it was released earlier, now did he?
            He actually said “iPhones are sooooo 2005”, so maybe it was already outdated when it came out?
            Mohahaha! :)

      • Michael says:

        Hahaha, My Galaxy S2 will blow Iphone5, 6 and 7 away when ever or if iphone ever gets that far. Galaxy S3 Handsdown will be a beast.

      • Mohan says:

        iPhone is only great because it has “Samsung inside”

  5. fareed says:


  6. abhishek says:

    waiting for samsung galaxy s3 to be launched in india

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  8. Dude says:

    Im waiting for this phone! Quad core is good. Kal el GPU to play 3d RPG gamaes is cool.

  9. Dude says:

    Qualcomm is not good! look at 220 it sucks! cant play mkv out of the box!

  10. Angela says:

    can’t wait for this phone to release in india!!

  11. Jerry McGail says:

    its goona be crapppppppppppppppppppppp iphone 5 amazingggger

    • nick says:

      the s3 will dominate plus when is it coming out and is it realy being made

    • Gareth says:

      Apple are just software engineers with a strong marketing team, which is why the UI is always a winner.

      That said it’s based on Samsung hardware as they are the market leaders for mobile hardware.

      So if you want a kick ass phone and not just an ‘app’ go for Samsung 😉

      • Mark says:

        “Apple are just software engineers with a strong marketing team, which is why the UI is always a winner. ”

        Or rather Apple are just marketeers with an strong software engineering team :)

    • Alysha says:

      why are iphone people even on this blog? i believe it says Samsung Galaxy S3 News. I feel sorry for every iphone user because once you get the iphone 4 , you want the iphone 5 because it will be better by one, small, tiny bit then you’ll need an upgrade to even compete with what android can over. apple people just are in it for the “hype.” your paying for the product, not the quality. anyway, i love my samsung!!

    • Adinaky says:

      Samsung will always beat apple, so iphone 5 its goona be crappppppppppp and samsung galaxy sIII amazingggggger! =)))

  12. Smiley says:

    Why are you indian nationals demanding for better technology instead of out dated stuff? Have you seen the motors you drive! Sort that out before coming here about better technology phones.

    • shesh says:

      Seriously you do not want to talk about about that. Look at the mileage an avg car in the US gives and the one that is driven in India you will have your answer.

  13. Bgor says:

    Since iphone is simply a software firm. It has no production line to backup its production. No matter how great it is and will be .
    It still depends on outsider to produce their products.
    Thats why it is out of his hand to control its own model.
    Btw, its models are always out dated .
    The only updated model info is released infront of the journalist.
    It will fate away , and is a matter of time.

  14. samsng fan says:

    anyways samsung makes the processors for apple and galaxy s 3 will obviously be better than the iphone 5. go samsung!

  15. mark says:

    People i love samsung and everything they make i have galaxy tab 10.1, tv,s2,washing machine,fridge freezer all samsung my dad has iphone 4s which is undeniable good as much as i hate apple the iphone is good but lets not forget about other compettetors like htc, blackberry,motorola and even lg why is it whenever a new smartphone is released it is compared to iphone and come on wont somebody do something with 3d i do know about the lg optimus 3d and htc evo but i want something better help me s3

  16. wesley says:

    Well for the Guy who said something about the apple 5 blowing away Samsung galaxy 3…well srry to tell you the iPhone hasn’t been able to keep up with many android phones. And we all know iPhone is trash maybe you should actually read reviews and forms before opening your mouth cause your incorrect….iPhone is so last year…

  17. Jason Bourne says:

    IPHONE is the best.. No phone will ever come close..!!

  18. Eli says:

    Will the galaxy s3 be a world phone? Eventually, the galaxy line of phones has to be, right? I mean, how can a phone with the name “galaxy” not have world phone capabilities?

  19. Denny B says:

    When does it come out in America!!!!! I have the first Galaxy and ready to upgrade!!!!! The man at T-mobile told me not to get the GS2 cause the 3 was coming!!! I need a anticipated date!

    • Brad says:

      I have the Verizon Galaxy S phone (Fascinate) and will only replace it with the S3. Several people I work with saw my phone and went out and bought the S2, giving up their IPhone 4.

  20. Boian says:

    Hello, any new, news about release dates ?

    • Jesse says:

      I heard Jun 3rd s3 will be here to take a bite outta the rotten apple Iphone can’t wait but get this its rumoured to not have quad core but we will see my guess 4.5 inch HD super amoled display 1280 x 720. P 338 ppi dual core 2 ghz 2 gb CPU and all the features of ics

  21. Santosh Pandit says:

    Samsung S3 will be the greatest and coolest smartphone ever.I am dying to get one as soon as possible

  22. ziya foudaj says:

    am waiting 4 S3

  23. Asad says:

    Well I feel piety on i phone user’s
    Samsung s2 was launched in march
    2011 & iphone 4s was launched in
    december 2011 but still sg2 beats iphone 4
    so what more proof do iphone users need
    iphone is nearly 1 year slower than sg2

  24. Em says:

    Had the evo 4g, loved it. I accidentally smashed it and was replaced with evo 3d. Sucks so bad. Can’t wait for galaxy s3. Hurry!

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  26. lobster says:

    how about in Indonesia.,?

  27. mr. says:

    Wen will it be released in dubai(U.A.E)?????????

  28. casbott says:

    WOW what a off topic blog, I could have sworn I searched for galaxy s3 release dates, not iphones in india. Why are iphone users searching for this site anyway, insecurity ? Perhaps all the samsung fanboys could comment on iphone websites (hint: laugh at billionaire who when diagnosed with cancer, refuses first class medical treatment and instead relies on alternative medicine until it’s to late, always gets them annoyed). Also I believe countries besides India were listed in the release dates above, perhaps the internal issues of another nation don’t seem relevant to the choice of a mobile handset. Apple and the sub continent were never a issue with my last mobile purchase, perhaps motorola phones in Australia shouldn’t concern indian iphone users – and vis versa.

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  30. L says:

    When does this phone come out in the UK? I don’t know whether to get the Xperia S or wait for the Galaxy S3…

  31. nadim says:

    When will it be released in Lebanon ?

  32. Jass says:

    I bought iPhone 4s yesterday an m gonna sell it tomorrow. Stupidest phone in the whole universe. Have to go throught so many steps just to set up your own ringtone ITunes suck can’t make your own playlist easily no file manager. And the stupidest of all no flash player even the basic smartphones from outdated Nokia have all these features but not the so called genius iPhone I am going back to my old Samsung galaxy note at least it’s user friendly currently it’s the best. Waiting for s3 now iPhone guys should buy an ilock and close the Ifactory once and for all.

  33. Yogesh says:

    Does Samsung really have S3 in their mind or is it just an hype ???

  34. Gssy says:

    What about Malaysia? I can’t wait for sgs3 to be launched now! But i’m having exam. Probably will get either samsung galaxy note or sgs3 after exam which will be finished on may 25. Hopefully sgs3 will be launched right after my exam! 😀 So that i can drop note and take sgs3 😀

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